5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Extension


You love your neighbourhood and your children are at great schools but could you do with an extra bedroom, a home office or studio space or a self-contained apartment area for an elderly relative or family member? If you don’t want the hassle of preparing your house for sale or the upheaval of moving then a cost-effective solution is to look at extending your current home! Here are some of the things you need to take into consideration before you start any work.

1. Planning permission and neighbours

Depending on the work you want to carry out and the proximity to your neighbours you will need to consider the impact your renovation will have on them. For example, if your renovations mean your property will extend upwards and potentially block out some of their light then this could be an issue.

Building too close to your mutual boundary could also be problematic. In your application for council planning permission your neighbours will be notified and permitted to lodge any objections, which you may be instructed to accommodate in your home extensions. Choose a registered building firm with experience in building extensions and additions to be sure that they can deal with the local council and paperwork that goes with planning permission.

2. Cost vs time vs quality

It is very important to weigh up the overall costs incurred against the expected time to complete the project and the resulting quality of the work. The cheapest quote may not result in the best quality job. A promise to complete your project quicker than competitors may again result in a rushed job and poor workmanship. In most cases it is worth paying a little extra to get a renovation completed to the best standard achievable with the longest lasting results.

3. Services and drainage

Your building firm will need to take into account the location of existing drainage and utilities like access to water. Depending on where utilities are their position could add costs to the overall build. If your renovation includes adding a sleepout with a bathroom and kitchen then these factors become all the more important.

4. Decide what the purpose of your house extension is

Is your extension to be an additional bedroom or a fully fitted out private master en suite? Will it be more cost effective to build up or out? The renovators you engage should be able to discuss possible options and likely costs with you at an initial free consult in your home.

5. Find a quality building firm

The best way to get a quality and reliable group of builders to carry out your extension plans is to have them recommended by a friend, colleague or family member. If no recommendations are available, research local companies and read as many reviews as you can, and maybe ask if it is possible to view previous works and speak to the owners. Get a free quote or consultation to meet them the company and see if their philosophy fits with your dreams.

Building and Restoration Services (BRS) Ltd are Auckland based renovation builders who specialise in a variety of home renovations, additions and bungalow renovations in Auckland. From new builds to garage conversions in Auckland, BRS Ltd have you covered. For Auckland home additions they use their 287 point checklist to keep your renovation under budget and on target. Contact the friendly team at www.brsltd.co.nz for a free in-home estimate.


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