The Pros of Renovating Rather Than Moving House

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Sometimes a growing family and a desire to have a home with more space or modern features may make homeowners think about moving house. However, what if you love the area you live in and have great neighbours and friends living close by? People then start to weigh up the pros and cons of moving to a new home or renovating their existing one.

If you live in Auckland and the surrounding region, the housing market is particularly competitive, so here are some of the key things to think about when deciding to move or renovate in Mt Eden and elsewhere in Auckland.

1. If the location is of great importance, it is better to renovate than to move. Additionally, if new homes are expensive, then renovation can be the ideal option.

2. How much space do you actually need? Can you have a garage sale to get rid of some unwanted items to make your current living area less cluttered? Then you will have a clearer picture of how much space you actually have and where you could increase the space quickly and affordably.

3. Consider if moving will affect your real estate taxes. Property taxes vary from one location to another. If moving increases your property taxes, then renovation is the way to go.

4. Costs. The cost of remodelling a home is much lower than the cost of moving to a new one. It is even economical as you are adding value to your existing home that will benefit you when you come to sell your property. Renovating increases a home’s value and gives it a personal touch. It allows you to change the existing features by adding new ones.

5. Sometimes moving can mean lots of hassles right from packing to unpacking. Changing your mailing address, voter registration, driver’s license and more will need updating when you move house.

Now that you are thinking about renovating, getting some expert advice and help can turn your ideas into reality. Just search online for ‘home renovations Auckland‘ or ‘home additions Mt Eden‘ to find BRS. BRS Ltd offer the best home renovations in Auckland and here’s why!

BRS have a proven track record of accomplishment in every renovation project they have handled. The use of high-quality renovation materials coupled with professional contractors guarantees every client a successful renovation story. In fact, they work to exceed customer expectations in every project presented to them. Their experience and skills make them worth employing.

If you have a villa or bungalow in Auckland that needs renovating, BRS will tailor their services to fit any budget.They also use modern technology and tools to ensure that they provide quality renovations that will give an entirely new look to your Auckland home.

They have highly innovative contractors that understand the importance of living in a modern refurbished home. Their Auckland home renovations include interior and exterior additions and extensions to bungalows, villas and other types of housing.

Their processes are quick and involve no major hassles. This means you will not be inconvenienced for very long during renovations. They are available to make everything run smoothly from the beginning to the end of your Auckland home renovation project. Giving a fresh new update to a home is never easy, but with BRS it is all simple and hassle-free. Just visit the BRS website at, to get your free quote for home renovations in Auckland!


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