How to Make a Big Impact with a Small Home


Lots of people in New Zealand, including many residents of large urban areas like Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton, live in a small home, a small room, or just a small space. These smaller homes offer many advantages, including the ability to live in an intimate way, easy and low maintenance, less environmental impact, energy savings, a wider market to sell to and more.

Nonetheless, a small home has its share of drawbacks. Chief among them is the fact that the smaller area tends to create a feeling of clutter, which makes it less comfortable and inviting. Because of this, it can be difficult to know how best to lay out or accentuate a smaller living space in order to maximise its use, look and style possibilities.

If you’re looking for ways to make a big impact with a small home, here are some ideas to get you started.

Small home improvement projects with big impact

1. Enhance your front entry

Adding a new front door will definitely improve your small home’s curb appeal. It may also add to your home’s security and energy efficiency. Others ways to enhance your front entry and impress guests include: creating a stylish yet functional walkway, adding a coat of bright, bold paint, replacing old or rusty hardware, adding a porch, flowers and plants, and so on. Just think of ways to add interest and impress guests coming from the street or drive to your front door.

2. Renovate your deck

If your small home has a deck or porch, consider renovating it. You can start by replacing any old components, such as posts or columns, and then add a fresh coat of paint. If your house doesn’t have a patio/deck, consider installing one to complement your home’s style and improve curb appeal. This will give you an additional living space and make an immediate impact. Professional home extensions in Auckland contractors can help you and guide you through building or renovating a deck.

3. Exterior lighting

Exterior lighting will not only add a welcoming glow to your small home, but also make it feel open and large. So, consider installing energy-efficient exterior lighting to make your living space seem larger and look more stylish.

4. Spruce up your stairs

The staircase is one of the first things people see when they enter your house. Assess its condition and repair any damaged areas. Repairing any broken treads, filling gouges and fixing a shaky railing are projects you can do it yourself, but if you decide to replace the entire staircase then you’ll need to engage home renovations Mt Eden professionals.

5. Freshen up the fireplace

Spruce up your dark-coloured fireplace by painting its surround using lighter-colour brick paint. Also, consider installing stone veneer or natural stone or ceramic tiles to add colour and texture.

6. Upgrade your bathroom

Replace outdated bathroom fixtures, including lighting, and consider painting existing surfaces like the cabinet. If your bathroom is old and badly designed, it may need a complete overhaul to make it spacious. Seek the advice of bungalow renovations Auckland experts to determine what you need to do to achieve an airy and more dramatic look.

7. Update your kitchen

Make a big impact with a small budget kitchen renovation. Consider refreshing colours and various kitchen surfaces and don’t forget to replace your taps. These small upgrades can have a huge impact on the look and functionality of your small home and can be implemented via a DIY project. Major kitchen remodelling projects are best left to licensed bungalow renovation Auckland professionals.

8. Organise your home

Unclutter your home to create more space. Try to organise every room, from the wardrobe to the kitchen, and dispose of those items you don’t use. Install organisers or hire home renovations experts to build organised storage for you.

9. Ensure everything is in proportion

Having furniture pieces and other items that are too large for your small space will make your home feel congested, stuffy and uncomfortable. Choosing new, stylish proportional furniture will not only help make an impact, but also allow your space to function comfortably.

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