Tips on Creating the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Flow for Your Home


Throughout the world, people have to go on holiday to enjoy the weather that’s normal for Auckland. It’s seldom too hot or too cold to enjoy being outdoors. No one loves gardens, patios, decks, and porches more than a Kiwi.

One of the most popular home renovations in Auckland concerns creating a seamless transition between the inside of the home and the outdoor living space. Here are a few tips on creating that perfect flow.

Use the Same Flooring Indoors and Out

If the outdoor space is connected to the kitchen, as is often the case with home renovations in Auckland, the same flooring creates a seamless transition. Tiles make a great choice since it works beautifully in either case and is long-lasting.

Glass Doors Let in Light and Frame the View

French doors, stacking doors, and sliding doors are all very popular. Many people prefer the space-saving benefits of sliding and stacking doors when compared to French doors but hate the track the doors slide on. It’s not very attractive, is uncomfortable to bare feet, and easy to trip on. LevelStep doors are new and installed flush to the ground with nothing impeding the flow.

Add a Secret Garden

Install a private entrance to a small, secluded garden separated from the primary garden by a wall, fence, dense shrubbery, or bamboo. Add a large window or sliders to the garden from the master bath. A water feature will turn this into a favorite spot for private relaxation.

Don’t Forget Covered Outdoor Space

Enjoy the rain by adding a roof to an outdoor room. Add comfortable seating, a small table or two and, perhaps, a fireplace to relax outdoors regardless of the weather.

Add a View to Your Home Office

Bring the outdoors into your home office with a large window. Back your desk up to the window or have a custom desk built into the space. Of course, the drawback to looking out on your magnificent view is that it may be hard to get any work done.

Brs Ltd are experienced renovation builders who could help you to create the perfect indoor/outdoor flow for your home. Whether you are building a new home or interested in bungalow renovations in Auckland. Brs Ltd are dependable, honest, and passionate about their work. Contact Brs Ltd on and discover how they will exceed your expectations.


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