Moving House or Renovating


Thinking about selling your home in New Zealand? Perhaps it will make more financial sense to stay put. Remodelling your home might sound expensive but it could provide you with a huge return on your investment if you do decide to move in the future.

The average house price in New Zealand is $500,000 according to official statistics, but how much you get will depend on the market in your area at the time you put your property up for sale. Here are some good reasons why you should remodel your home in Auckland instead of moving:

1. Save on moving expenses

Moving home can be an expensive business. You’ll have to take into consideration the percentage of the sale taken by an estate agent, purchases for your new home, and taxes. By remodelling your home, you will only have to pay apart for the repair work you carry out. This will depend on the property, but you might decide to incorporate a new kitchen, open up your living area, change your windows and doors or add an extension to your home. Working with a professional company will help you maximise your property value and increase it for the future.

2. Create your own dream home

Depending on your budget, you will likely have to compromise when you purchase a new home. You might not be able to afford the perfect property in the right location and have to settle for second best. Then there is the repair work that you might have to carry out when you move into the new property, further escalating costs. When you remodel your home, you can essentially turn it from good to great with a few simple modifications.

Use a professional company to help you achieve your goals and create the home you have always dreamed about. Want more space? Natural light to flood into your property? An extension for a loved one? Or need villa renovations in Auckland? With a remodelling project, you can do all of them – and then some. You can be as creative as you like!

3. Don’t disrupt your life

Staying put can often be much easier than moving house. If your children are settled in school, they will be able to stay in the same area as their friends without the hassle of moving to a new location. When deciding whether to stay put or sell up, consult with your family to find the best solution for everyone.

If your family is happy to stay, it could make more financial sense to remodel your property instead. If you do decide to move, make sure you will have the same quality of living as you experience now, and again consult with your family throughout the process.

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